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Sometimes people are just pusses!! DW hates pusses. That is why they set up this page for people to submit their pet pussy peeves.


One day I was drinking some gasoline, and this little boy came by and asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was sucking down some gas.  I took a big gulp, and then spit it out in his face and started to laugh!  He started to cry and said it was burning his eyes.  "What a freeking sad ass pussy you are! Wimp dog, toe jam sucker! Go tell your mommy!"  I said.  He screamed in a frantically and ran away.  I never saw such a loser in my life.
Satan's Nephew.

This one time when I was a kid my friend Scott stepped on a nail and it went all the way through his foot and was sticking out through the top.  I was laughing hysterically at the site of it while the little puss was balling his eyes out.  We were eight and he was the biggest puss I've ever known.  I slammed my own foot through the same nail and laughed uproariously just to prove what a puss he was.
To top it all off the little puss' mommy took him to the doctor to get a tetanus shot.  What a puss!  I told him that if he wasn't such a puss that he'd spit on his hand and clean the wimpy little ouchy that way.  Needless to say, that was the last time I ever played with that pussy again.   
signed - not a fucking puss

I was at a bar the other night with some people from work and I thought it would be nice to order shots of battery acid with glass chards mixed in and one guy has the nerve to say, "I better not, it might upset my stomach." We couldn't ignore that type of pussness, so of course, he was mercilessly pounded in the abdomen and forced to drink two shots of battery acid and glass chards.

Let that be a lesson to all who would be pusses.


The Late Great, Mr. Rogers

My friend wanted to eat his lunch without nails and broken glass on his sandwich. What a puss. I told him he was gay and to go eat frogshit because I don't hang with people who are such pusses.

hating pusses always..


Anyone who does not like to rock is a puss!! If you cannot take 125 db's of head pounding rock and roll for 25 hours, you are puss.


Bill the puss hater

I know a guy that was scared to steal his moms car and drive it into a river on a dare. We dared him and he cried and wouldn't do it. We told him what a loser he was, and that he would never grow up to amount to anything. Can you believe!!! what a loser. What a fucking pussy!

Brian "not a PUSS" Bobman