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Waterfest 5 (2002)
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2002 rocked!  Here are a couple scenes from the madness.  But the keg was finally tapped and the party raged on.  Updates to come from inside sources!


Thanks to the most important people!



(subject to change at our discretion, so there!)


AEROSMITH/JAMES BROWN-       Mother Focking Popcorn

ALICE IN CHAINS-                           Them Focking Bones

                                                         No Focking Excuses

                                                         Got Me Focking Wrong

                                                         It Aint Focking Like That

ANGEL CITY-                                   Focking Marseilles

                                                         Take A Long Focking Line

THE BEASTIE BOYS-                     Fight for your Focking right to Party

BTO-                                                Let It Focking Ride

BAD COMPANY-                              Feel Like Focking Love

TOMMY BOLIN-                               Focking Teaser

BROWNSVILLE STATION/CRUE-  Smokin In The Focking Boys Room

THE CLASH-                                      Should I Stay Or Should I Focking Go

ELVIS COSTELLO-                           Peace, Love & Focking

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND                So Much To Focking Say Focker 

FILTER-                                              Its Focking Over

FOO FIGHTERS-                               Alone+Easy Focking Target

JIMMYS CHICKEN SHACK-         Dropping Focking Anchor

BILLY JOEL-                                      Its Still Focking Rock N Roll To Me

KISS-                                                  Rock N Roll All Focking Night

LED ZEPPELIN-                                 Immigrant Song (w/ Black Betty i.e. Black Bedley)

MEN WITHOUT HATS-                    Focking Safety Dance

GARY NUMAN-                                Fockin' Cars

NIRVANA-                                         Come As You Focking Are

TOM PETTY-                                   Fockin' American Girl

THE PRETENDERS-                       Middle Of The Focking Road

RAM JAM-                                         Black Betty (w/ Immigrant Song i.e. Focking Black Bedley)

THE ROLLING STONES-                 Fockin' Honky Tonk Woman

SMASHING PUMPKINS-                 Fockin' Zero

                                                         Fockin' Clones

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-              Fockin'  Crackerman

                                                         Pretty Fockin' Penny


SUBLIME-                                          Wrong Fockin' Way

TOADIES-                                          I Come From The Fockin' Water

                                                            Little Fockin' Sin

U2-                                                      Walk Away

VAN HALEN-                                    Fockin' Everybody Wants Some

THE VAPORS-                                   Turning Focking Japanese

THE WHO -                                        My Fockin' Generation

WEEZER-                                           Fockin' Hash Pipe Man

ZZ TOP-                                              Waiting For The Fockin Bus

                                                            Fockin' Jesus Just Left Chicago

                                                            Pearl Fockin' Necklace Focker

Rock or be a Puss!!