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Waterfest 6 (2003)
Waterfest 5 (2002)
Waterfest 4 (2001)

Spokane, Washington, hub of the Inland Northwest, bastion of conservatism. Yet from this quiet corner of the world came of whirlwind, a sonic firestorm sailing down the Pacific coast-line like 100 El Ninos, stampeding across the Southwest and now it's knocking on your door. Delicious Water!!!

Delicious Water started around 1995. No one's sure of the exact date when these long-time musical collaborators named their latest creation, but we do know this. We were having an acoustic jam in Jeff Casper's apartment and we were thirsty. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to rocking and/or rolling to our maximum possible capacity.

Back to the history part. Let's see. We all got together back at Eastern Washington University- Mike, Mark and Jeff Casper had all recorded and been in popular local band, Meca together while Jeff "Mitch" Mitchell was well-known as drummer for the groundbreaking trio Pavlov's Dogs. Then, one fateful night in 1987, these four joined forces and the first jam commenced. Music history was not made that night, but a good time was had by all.

After college all four went on to successful careers, Mark and Jeff created No Relief, Mike composed music for the theatre in LA, played R&B and produced several local bands while Mitch balanced a career and family life with his need to rock out. Destiny called though, only one thing could quench their thirst to rock out and Delicious Water was born.

We're comin' to your town so you better get ready.
'Cause we're coming to rage and were rockin' it steady- '
til dawn if we need to so everybody gets their fill
because everybody needs Delicious Water!